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I will take you step-by-step through the idea process, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and product launch. 
If you don't have an idea, fear not!  I am sharing all the ways that I use to come up with a good one.


Kara Harshbarger

Kara licensed her very first product to an As Seen on TV company.  STYLE SNAPS launched into Target, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and more.  The product grossed over 20 million dollars worldwide.


After the success of STYLE SNAPS, Kara developed products BEAUTY FILE and CLOSET ORGANIZED, which she sold on QVC.   She delved into skincare with HAND MD which counts Kris Jenner as a fan. Kara's products have grossed over 50 million dollars to-date.  


After hours on the phone with friends and friends of friends that have product ideas, Kara decided to put together this GOOD IDEA GUIDE to help people avoid the mistakes she made that cost her time and money.  She is currently prototyping two new products using the exact steps in this guide. 

Learn to:

  • Validate your idea and the brainstorming methods used to generate more good ideas.
  • How to prototype and choose the right manufacturer and the secrets to working with them.
  • Protect yourself legally.
  • Expertly brand your product and the methods of marketing in the digital world (it's easier than ever to reach your customer).
  • Sales!  How to get them.  How to grow them.
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6 VIDEO MODULES showing you exactly what you need to do to get your good idea out of your head and into the marketplace.  My teachings are for busy people:  precise and to-the-point with no fluff.  You can choose to do one a week or you can move faster - it's up to you!   

A printable PDF guidebook to accompany the video modules.

Unlimited access.  You can return to this course again and again for updates and new material!



Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on your product idea.  But overall, the secret is staying committed to moving the ball down the field, a little bit every day.  I'm going to give you the road map, which will save you major time and major money in mistakes.  You just need to travel it step by step, day by day.   I've done it over and over again and THIS WORKS.

It has become SO much easier and cheaper than even 2 years ago.  You can now easily plug and play your own website, automate marketing emails, handle your sales with a platform like Shopify.  Instead of a publicist that would run you 4-7K a month (and not necessarily lead to sales), you can advertise on facebook and instagram.  You can pay a social media influencer for a post and GET SALES.  Some will post for free product and you will GET SALES.   One of the keys to starting out  is to choose an idea that isn't pricey to produce (and ship!), but we will get into ALL that and the other tricks of the trade!

There are six modules, each ranging 15-30 minutes in video instruction.  You will also have "Good Idea. The Guide." to print out and follow along to jot down your notes and your creative brainstorms.  You will also have access to me!  Once a week I will go live on our private facebook group to answer questions.

1.)  THE IDEA.  The three types of product ideas, the traits of a "good" idea, brainstorming methods - how to come up with good ideas.

2.) DEVELOPING YOUR IDEA.  Getting clear on your customer, adding to your idea, Sales channels part I, Budgeting part I, Prototyping, Should I apply for a patent?

3.) BRANDING.  Why package design is ground zero for marketing your product in a social media world, Choosing a name and tag line, How to decide on logo and package design, Finding a packaging manufacturer.

4.) Manufacturing.  How to find and work with a manufacturer, fulfillment and shipping, legal protection.

5.) Preparing for the launch.  Website, Shopify, Content for Social Media, The Delusion, Influencer Marketing.

6.)  Sales.  The 3-week countdown to launch, FB ads, instagram ads, influencers part 2, a guide to wholesaling and licensing.


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