My daughter was 6 months old and I was losing my mind knee-deep in dirty diapers and Sesame Street.  I was exhausted, lonely, bored, and postpartum-y - I desperately wanted to use my adult brain but couldn't bear the thought of leaving my daughter - a conundrum indeed!  When a friend suggested we find a solution for long hems, the idea of inventing a product just didn't ignite my fire.  But then I found myself googling "how do I make a prototype" during my daughter's (way too short) nap.  My slumbering brain slowly chugged to life and developing that solution for long hems - HemmingMyWay - literally saved me.  When the product was licensed by an As Seen On TV company and it lined the shelves of every Target, WalMart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid in the country, I knew I wanted to keep going.  My background was in the film Industry and only after waiting until 30 different personalities signed off could anything move forward.  What I loved about inventing is that I could be creative, have 100% control and still pick my daughter up from school.  My second product, Beauty File, was purchased by QVC, my third product (Closet Organized) by QVC's Sprouts program, and my first beauty line Hand MD counts Kris Jenner as a fan and repeat customer.  I'm currently prototyping two new inventions and am going to take you through every step of my process.  

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